Bush Asked About His Personal Involvement In Leak Scandal

Today, President Bush was finally asked about his personal involvement in the CIA leak scandal. (A question some of us have been calling on the media to ask for some time.)

QUESTION: Thank you, Mr. President.

Getting back to the leak investigation just for a moment, I’m curious, sir, whether you’ve had any conversations with any of your aides, particularly Karl Rove or Scooter Libby, about any of their dealings with reporters poking around on that issue and any strategy that they may have come up with to deal with that issue.

BUSH: A special prosecutor made it very clear early in the process that those of us in the White House should not discuss the case publicly or privately.

Bush’s response is misleading. He gives the impression that the White House has been instructed by the special prosecutor not to talk about the case. That’s not true. Spokesman Scott McClellan has made clear that the White House was under no specific orders not to speak about the case by the prosecutor.

Rather, someone working on the investigation said it was their “preference” that the White House not comment. When it’s been politically convenient Bush has commented on the case freely.