Roves 4th Grand Jury Appearance to Focus on Discrepancies in Testimony

A new report from Newsweek:

[L]awyers close to the case, who asked not to be identified because it’s ongoing, say [special prosecutor Patrick] Fitzgerald appears to be focusing in part on discrepancies in testimony between Rove and Time reporter Matt Cooper about their conversation of July 11, 2003. In Cooper’s account, Rove told him the wife of White House critic Joseph Wilson worked at the “agency” on WMD issues and was responsible for sending Wilson on a trip to Niger to check out claims that Iraq was trying to buy uranium. But Rove did not disclose this conversation to the FBI when he was first interviewed by agents in the fall of 2003″”nor did he mention it during his first grand jury appearance”¦

After Fitzgerald discovered an email from Rove to Deputy National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley discussing Rove’s conversation with Cooper, Rove returned to the grand jury. But his account of the conversation differed substantially from Cooper:

[Rove] testified that the talk was initially about “welfare reform”””a topic mentioned in the e-mail””and that Cooper then changed the subject. Cooper has written that he doesn’t recall a discussion of welfare reform.

Yesterday, lawyers in the case told the New York Times that special Fitzgerald “might consider false statement, perjury or obstruction of justice charges“¦if he could show that anyone intentionally misled investigators or prosecutors.”