Powerline: The “Dumbest Bit of Political Analysis” We’ve Seen in a Long Time

In his October 12 column, NBC’s Howard Fineman wrote “what really frosts the religious types is that Bush evidently feels that he can only satisfy them by stealth “” by nominating someone with absolutely no paper trail. It’s an affront.” Hinderaker, who called the column the “dumbest bit of political analysis I’ve seen in a long time,” provided this rebuttal:

I am not aware of a single religious leader who has in any way objected to the Miers nomination or called it an “affront” to religious people. I know a great many religious conservatives, and not a single one of them adopts this view.

Wrong again Hinderaker.

Here are some major religious conservative groups that have already objected:

Liberty Counsel: Conservative advocacy group with close ties to Jerry Falwell, dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, and the traditional family.

“First, the President had a number of highly qualified candidates with proven track records and well-developed judicial philosophies. He passed over them and chose an invisible nominee. Second, selecting a nominee who has held her views in silence for 60 years sends a wrong message to conservatives…”

Concerned Women for America: Coalition of conservative women that promotes biblical values and family traditions.

“Like CWA, most of those emphasizing Miss Miers’ faith have resisted any attempt to impose a religious test on any person seeking public office. The Constitution forbids it. We find it patronizing and hypocritical to focus on her faith in order to gain support for Miss Miers.”

Operation Rescue: Group dedicated to ending abortion and committed to “the great and historic creeds of our Christian faith.”

“We must be given a nominee that will restore the protections of personhood to the pre-born…Bush was given one mandate by the American people in the last election and that was to reform the Supreme Court. Reform does not come in a brown paper bag.”

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