Downed Powerline

John Hinderaker of the popular right-wing blog Powerline has responded to our post this morning. He never appreciates it when we fact check his posts, this time calling us “loony,” “goofballs,” and “moonbats.”

His principle rebuttal is that he claimed no “religious leader” has raised objections to the Miers nomination and our counterexamples were “religious groups,” which don’t count. Actually his original argument was not limited to religious leaders:

The idea that ‘religious types’…are ‘frosted’ because Miers is a ‘stealth’ candidate with ‘absolutely no paper trail’ is mystifying.

Also, aren’t religious groups led by – and this is probably just another “loony idea” – religious leaders?

His specific claims are no more convincing. Hinderaker objects to our example of Concerned Women for America because they are a “secular organization.” Here’s the top of CWA’s “About Us” section:


The clearest sign Hinderaker is in the wrong: he never links to our posts directly or even refers to the name of our blog. If he really believed in his argument, he’d let people see both sides and make up their own mind.