Rice Reveals She Has “Cooperated” with Prosecutor in Leak Probe

This morning, Secretary of State and former member of the White House Iraq Group, Condoleezza Rice, was asked about her involvement in the CIA leak scandal:

WALLACE: Secretary Rice, a new subject. Were you part of an effort in July of 2003 to discredit Ambassador Joe Wilson, who was a critic of the Bush Iraq policy.

RICE: I am not going to talk about, Chris, as you might imagine, an ongoing investigation. I have, like everybody else, cooperated with prosecutor Fitzgerald and am quite certain that he will make his report. But I don’t think that it’s appropriate to comment about those events.

WALLACE: Now when you say you have cooperated with the prosecutor, does that mean, in fact, that you spoke to investigators or to the grand jury?

RICE: I cooperated in all the ways that I was asked to cooperate.

UPDATE: Crooks and Liars has the video.

A couple of revealing bits of information from Rice’s comments:

1) This is the first time Rice has publicly acknowledged that she too has been asked to either speak with prosecutors or appear before the federal grand jury.

2) Rice said she is “quite certain” Fitzgerald will make his report. If Fitzgerald decides not to seek any indictments, he is not required to issue a public report. The fact that Rice expects a report to be made suggests she believes indictments will be coming forth as well.