UPDATE: Leak Scandal Continues To Grow

Despite the fact that Rove’s attorney, Robert Luskin, claims his client was not part of “any scheme to punish Joe Wilson by disclosing the identity of his wife,” the special prosecutor appears to be exploring the White House’s expansive involvement in manipulating pre-war Iraqi intelligence and their efforts to silence whistle-blowers, like Wilson, who exposed them.

New York Times reporter Judith Miller said that, in her grand jury testimony last week, special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald asked her questions that went beyond the leaking of the CIA name to probe the administration’s selective leaking of intelligence information ahead of the Iraq war.

The scope of administration officials involved in the leak continues to grow, encompassing even the Vice President. The Financial Times reports the White House is bracing itself for the possible indictment of numerous senior officials.

Think Progress has updated its profile of Bush administration officials who have been tied to the leak of an undercover CIA agent’s identity.

It has been updated to reflect recent developments, including:

– the number of Bush officials involved in the leak has grown from 21 to 23, incorporating reporting this morning that former Cheney spokeswoman Jennifer Millerwise and current National Security spokesman Jim Wilkinson have been questioned in the leak investigation

– Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice admitted that she has been cooperating with the federal investigation

– and other developments including the fact that Scooter Libby and Judy Miller talked about Plame’s identity at least three times prior to Novak’s outing of her

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