McClellan: No Comment on Leak Scandal (Except Denials)

Scott McClellan is sticking to his guns and not answering any questions about the leak scandal:

QUESTION: Is the president confident that Cheney did not leak Valerie Plame’s identity?

MCCLELLAN: Again, I appreciate any question on this but, as you know, our policy is not to comment on an investigation while it’s ongoing, and that means any question relating to it. And I’m just not going to comment on an investigation while it’s ongoing.

Except, of course, when there is an opportunity to issue a denial:

QUESTION: You said that you were going to check to see if President Bush or either Cheney had been asked once again to go before the special prosecutor and answer questions after their initial appearance.

MCCLELLAN: No, the president has not. I provided you information when he was interviewed previously. And my understanding is the same applies to the vice president.

As you may recall, McClellan has a lot of experience issuing denials related to the leak investigation. From the 9/29/03 briefing:

Q: You said this morning, “The President knows” that Karl Rove wasn’t involved. How does he know that?

McCLELLAN: Well, I’ve made it very clear that it was a ridiculous suggestion in the first place. I saw some comments this morning from the person who made that suggestion, backing away from that. And I said it is simply not true. So, I mean, it’s public knowledge. I’ve said that it’s not true. And I have spoken with Karl Rove.

Most ironic moment of today’s briefing from Scott McClellan: “I would encourage you not to prejudge the outcome of the investigation and not to speculate about it.”