DeLay: Do What I Say, Not What I Do

Coming soon — Tom DeLay: The Movie, featuring Travis County DA Ronnie Earle. And Tom DeLay thinks it’s outrageous:

Oh yeah, [Earle’s] just doing his job. He’s just doing his job. He’s got a film crew that has been following him around for two years to document how he’s going to get Tom DeLay.

DeLay was given a chance to speak to the film crew, but declined. According to the filmmakers, Earle allowed the crew access but only with tight regulations that would not compromise the case:

[Earle] gave us specific ground rules that we promised to follow. We would not be allowed access to any of the evidence being presented to the grand jury. He could not discuss anything the grand jury was doing. He would not speculate about the guilt or innocence of anyone.

DeLay’s disgust with commenting on film about the case apparently applies only to other people. Since Tom DeLay’s first Sept. 28 indictment, he has “waged a blitz on radio, on TV and in print,” giving more than 20 interviews, including several interviews on FOX News and Rush Limbaugh’s show.

For DeLay, it was no holds barred. He spent most of his air time blaming a giant liberal conspiracy and bashing Earle.