The Fissure Grows: Cultural Right Turns On Norquist

Anti-tax activist Grover Norquist has upset cultural conservatives by agreeing to appear as a keynote speaker for the Log Cabin Republicans, a group of gay conservatives. Right-wingers are already lobbing rhetorical bombs:

One pro-family leader called Norquist’s appearance “an act of utter betrayal.”

Norquist’s presence at the fund-raiser was “traitorous,” [Cathie Adams, president of the conservative Texas Eagle Forum,] added. “If he was a serious economic conservative, Grover Norquist would not have accepted the invitation or the honorarium for speaking at a fund-raiser for a group bent on the destruction of traditional families,” Adams said.

But rhetoric is one thing. Questioning Norquist’s role in the conservative movement is another. And Tony Perkins, president of the influential Family Research Council, has done just that:

Grover has spent years working to assemble a coalition of fiscal and social conservatives and his decision to aid those who are trying to destroy the institution of marriage is truly a disappointment and will no doubt split this important coalition.