Fineman: If Fitzgerald Issues Conspiracy Charges, Cheney Will Likely Be Targeted

Last night on Hardball, Chris Matthews and Newsweek chief political correspondent Howard Fineman discussed the New York Daily News report alleging that the special prosecutor is considering wide-ranging conspiracy charges in the CIA leak probe:

Cheney’s name has come up amid indications Fitzgerald may be edging closer to a blockbuster conspiracy charge – with help from a secret snitch.

“They have got a senior cooperating witness – someone who is giving them all of that,” a source who has been questioned in the leak probe told the Daily News yesterday.

The accuracy of the Daily News report is still unknown. But if Fitzgerald does bring forward conspiracy charges, Fineman says, Cheney will be in the crosshairs:

MATTHEWS: If it’s a grand conspiracy hatched in the vice president’s office, how does he even logically exclude the top guy?

FINEMAN: Well, he probably can’t, which is why he is being very, very careful here.