Claiming God’s Support, Conservatives Push Massive Budget Cuts

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) is the chairman of the Republican Study Committee. Today, he’s leading House conservatives in an effort to slash roughly $50 billion from programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and student loans.

But don’t question the moral value of balancing the budget on the backs of poor people, children, and pregnant women. Apparently Pence has God on his side:

On Monday, the [Republican Study Committee] opened its e-mail update with this quote from George Washington: “My diffidence in my own abilities was superseded by a confidence in the rectitude of our cause and the patronage of heaven.

The slightly overwrought, somewhat intractable sentiment comes from 1775, when the original George W. was called upon to lead the Revolutionary Army.

As The Hill noted, “Let it not be said that the Republican Study Committee isn’t convinced “” make that absolutely certain “” of the righteous nature of its actions.”