Limbaugh Attacks ThinkProgress’ “Extreme” Alito Coverage

Apparently, Rush Limbaugh didn’t care for a post we published yesterday, Samuel Alito’s America. From today’s Rush Limbaugh show:

Byron York sent me this note that the Center for American Progress has tried to rewrite Senator Kennedy’s famous Robert Bork’s America, and here’s basically what it says. “Samuel Alito would overturn Roe vs. Wade. Samuel Alito would allow race based discrimination. Sam Alito would allow disability based discrimination. Sam Alito would strike down the Family and Medical Leave Act. Sam Alito supports unauthorized strip searches. Sam Alito is hostile toward immigrants,” and they cite their cases to give evidence of this.

This is what we want. We want these people to come out and show just how far out of the mainstream they are. We want them to illustrate that it is they who are extreme on all of these things, folks.

This is a bit confusing. Limbaugh doesn’t question any of our claims, he just says we are “out of the mainstream.” It’s out of the mainstream to be against racial discrimination? It’s out of the mainstream to support the Family and Medical Leave Act? Apparently, you have to be a dittohead to understand the logic.

Special thanks to right-wing pundit Byron York for sending around our work. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much you care.