Alito’s Personal Crusade To Overturn Roe

Just as Alito tries distance himself from his 1985 Justice Department application (where he wrote he “personally believed” that a woman’s right to choose is not protected in the Constitution), more evidence has emerged of his personal commitment to overturn Roe v. Wade. From the Boston Globe (11/16/05):

Albert Lauber, who served with Alito in the solicitor general’s office, said Alito had been instrumental in drafting arguments for why the court should uphold laws in Pennsylvania and Illinois, which imposed numerous restrictions on abortions.

Alito wasn’t just doing tasks asked of him by his boss. Alito wasn’t originally assigned to the case, but he still approached Lauber and asked to help argue for “overturning the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion [Roe v. Wade]”:

Sam said, ‘I know this is not in your area.’ He kind of volunteered to be helpful.

Alito wasn’t just an “advocate for the Reagan administration.” He sought out work that helped advance his personal agenda.