BREAKING: Hadley Being Coy About Whether He’s Woodward’s Source

From the a press briefing today:

Q Were you the administration official who talked with Bob Woodward about the identity of a CIA operative?

MR. HADLEY: I have seen press reports that — and only press reports — that Bob Woodward has talked about, I guess, three sources from the administration that he had. I’ve also seen press reports from White House officials saying that I am not one of his sources.

The AP adds:

Leaving the room, Hadley was asked if his answer amounted to a yes or a no. ”It is what it is,” he said.

Whoever is Woodward’s source could be in serious legal and political jeopardy. The WSJ reported yesterday:

The White House now must brace itself for the possibility that Mr. Fitzgerald’s probe, far from winding down, may have just gotten a second wind. Prosecutors deposed Mr. Woodward in anticipation of presenting that evidence to a new grand jury, according to a person familiar with the situation. The one that indicted Mr. Libby expired on Oct. 28. That could require that Mr. Card and the unnamed official be called to testify about their conversations with Mr. Woodward.

That the source only revealed the conversation with Woodward after Libby was indicted could indicate that he or she earlier provided false statements to investigators or lied to the grand jury.