Bush’s U-Turn On Immigration

Beginning today, in a series of speeches along the Mexican border, Bush will call for “a series of border-security measures that will make his guest-worker plan look like an afterthought in his immigration policy.” The right-wing has demanded more concessions from a politically weak President and Bush has complied with a dramatic change in rhetoric on the issue since his first year in office.

Here he is during a 2001 appearance with Vincente Fox of Mexico. Then, undocumented immigrants were “hard-working citizens” looking for a job:

We share values with Mexico. They’re common values — values that unite people, whether they live in the United States or whether they live in Mexico. And what are those values? “¦ The willingness to work hard. America is known for our ability to work hard. Think about the Mexican worker who walks 500 miles across a desert to find work. Those are hard-working citizens. We share that very important value of people willing to roll up their sleeves and work hard. [White House, 9/6/01]

Now undocumented immigrants are “terrorists, drug dealers, and criminals“:

To defend this country, we have to enforce our borders. When our borders are not secure, terrorists, drug dealers, and criminals find it easier to sneak into America. My administration has a clear strategy for dealing with this problem: We want to stop people from crossing into America illegally, and to quickly return the illegal immigrants we catch back to their home countries. [White House, 10/22/05]

Expect more of the later this afternoon at 4.