The Rights New Strategy: Anti-Alito = Anti-God

This morning’s Washington Post previews the right-wing’s new counterattack against Alito opponents:

Several conservative groups, meanwhile, plan a major push beginning Monday to portray Alito’s opponents as anti-God. Talking points for the effort, which will involve ads and grass-roots organizations, were laid out in a strategy memo by Grassfire.org…

Here’s an excerpt from the memo:

First, let’s call out the groups that are attacking Judge Alito from behind their “independentcourt.org” moniker. Who do we find when we lift the veil? The ACLU, People for the American Way, NOW, NARAL, AFL-CIO, Human Rights Campaign, MoveOn.org, Americans United, NAACP, NARAL (see link at end for the full list). And what theme unites these groups? An agenda to purge any and all references to religion from our public lives.

But there a few members of the coalition that Grassfire doesn’t mention:

The Interfaith Alliance (“A national grassroots organization of 150,000+ individuals of faith and goodwill drawn from more than 75 different religious traditions.)

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (“Representing Episcopal, Presbyterian, United Methodist, United Church of Christ, Unitarian, and Jewish national organizations.”)

National Council of Jewish Women

Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

The memo says that these groups, and all of the others in the coalition, oppose Alito because they are “radical secularists.” These kind of dishonest tactics suggests that Alito’s backers are worried.