Townhall.com: Associated Press “Caused Some U.S. Soldiers to Lose Their Lives”

The other night, a guest on Fox News accused ABC News of “putting Americans at risk” and “killing American soldiers.” Today, conservative pundits continued to blame the media for the administration’s failed strategy in Iraq.

Todd Manzi of TownHall.com, a popular right-wing site that was recently spun-off from the Heritage Foundation, writes:

The Associated Press has caused some U.S. soldiers to lose their lives. … The irresponsible, antiwar-biased reporting from the Associated Press over the last four months can only have encouraged our enemy to keep trying. Terrorists may have been given the false hope that all is not lost for them. “¦ [AP reporters] have allowed themselves to become a pawn of our enemy.

Is there anything the right-wing can’t blame on the “liberal bias” of the mainstream media?