Homeless Katrina Victims Forced To Take Out Ad To Get Congress’ Attention

According to one of President Bush’s advisers, Katrina “has fallen so far off the radar screen, you can’t find it.” Meanwhile, Congress has not yet approved funding to repair New Orleans’ broken levee system. Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) has threatened to keep the Senate in session through holiday recess unless funding is approved for flood protection, and she is backing a D.C. rally tomorrow that hopes to bring attention to the issue.

A group of Katrina evacuees has taken action to counter the federal government’s apathy. In today’s edition of Roll Call, displaced residents of the Lakeview section of New Orleans purchased a full-page ad chastising the response thus far to Katrina. Together, they pooled some $10,000 to purchase the “Message From Homeless New Orleanians,” with the purpose of reviving awareness about their city’s perilous situation.

Here is an excerpt from the ad:

In the past three months, we have become experts at waiting. Waiting for flood waters to recede. Waiting for word from family and friends. Waiting to see what our homes and our city has become. “¦ Now we are waiting on you.

It is fully within your power to spearhead the rebuilding of our flood protection and reclaim one of the nation’s most important cities from ruin. You can secure the Port of New Orleans and the surrounding infrastructure, insuring new commerce and economic opportunity. You can safeguard our lives from storm. You can support legislation that would assist the thousands of underinsured families who have nothing left but hope. All of this is in your power.

It’s truly a sad day when victims of a natural disaster have to purchase ad space to have their voices heard.