Bush Refuses to Influence DeLay Trial, Then Declares DeLay’s Innocence

In an interview last night with Brit Hume, President Bush refused to comment on prosecutor Ronnie Earle to make sure the DeLay trial is “conducted as fairly as possible“:

HUME: You know a thing or two about Texas politics. What is your judgment of the prosecutor in the case, Ronnie Earle?

BUSH: I’m not going to go there, simply because I want “” I want this trial to be conducted as fairly as possible. And the more politics that are in it, the less likely it’s going to be fair.

But under Hume’s grueling interrogation (one second later), Bush passed judgement on the trial:

HUME: Do you just “” do you believe [Delay’s] innocent?

BUSH: Do I? Yes, I do.

So much for keeping politics out of the trial.