Ralph Reed’s Spokesperson Peddles Internet Smut

Former Christian Coalition director and Abramoff lackey Ralph Reed says that traditional values guide all his decisions in politics. “I now realize that politics is a noble calling to serve God and my fellow man,” he once told Time magazine. He’s been an outspoken proponent of outlawing all “indecent” content from the Internet:

“We’re interested in outlawing all pornographic and indecent communication, which makes it harder for a site to entice children in.” [Washington Times, 3/24/97]

“What I want to do is to ensure that cyberspace is family friendly and children friendly.” [CNN, 7/3/95]

Given his passionate opposition to Internet smut, we wonder what Ralph thinks of his spokeswoman Lisa Baron’s column, published online, for the Atlanta Sunday Paper. Some notable excerpts (viewer discretion advised):

“There was a ho in my hotel. A real-live booty-shaking, rump-selling, shaggarific, cash (or check) taking, living cesspool of questionable life choices right there, smack dab in the middle of our lives and about to enter the Los Angeles hotel where we were staying. It was awesome.” [Link]

“I swear I don’t have a big vagina, but over the Thanksgiving holiday, I told my father-in-law I did.” [Link]

“Jimmy says that bisexual plumbers are not a good enough reason to move to San Diego.” [Link]

“Jimmy thinks that because I refer to my bootcamp instructor John, as my knight-in-shining-black-chocolate, that I want to have tantric, rabid, back-breaking, aerobic, primal, lengthy, suspended-from-the-ceiling, extracurricular, shout-it-from-the-hill-tops sex with him.” [Link]

Remember, Ralph: sanctimonious moralizing starts at home.