McClellan Says 5 Minute Meeting Is Proof Bush Welcomes “Honest Critics”

At today’s briefing, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan cited a meeting with officials from former administration last week as proof that Bush is open to honest criticism about his policies in Iraq:

[T]hey know the difference between honest critics who question the way the war is being prosecuted – we welcome that. In fact, the president has met with some of those honest critics. He met with a number of them just last week…

The president has sat down with administration officials from previous administrations, some who did not agree with the decisions, some who do not agree with everything we’re doing in terms of moving forward on that strategy, and listened to their ideas. We welcome those ideas. That’s honest critics.

That’s right, he listened to ideas from 13 officials from previous administration for “5 to 10 minutes…before herding the whole group into the Oval Office for what he called a ‘family picture.'”