VIDEO: Kennedy Calls Specter’s Bluff

This morning, Sens. Arlen Specter and Ted Kennedy sparred over Kennedy’s request to subpoena documents related to the Concerned Alumni of Princeton.

Specter insisted, on multiple occassions, that he had never received a letter from Kennedy, and used that point to disregard the request. “If it’s really a matter of importance — you and I see each other all the time — you’ve never mentioned it to me, and I do not ascribe a great deal of weight [to it],” Specter said.

Except Kennedy had sent a letter, and Specter’s office not only received it, but issued a response to Kennedy’s office. Watch Kennedy call Specter’s bluff:

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UPDATE: Specter admits he discussed Kennedy’s letter in a phone call with his Chief-of-Staff. He rejected the request then but said if it was really important Kennedy should have mentioned it to him at the gym. (Kennedy explained he hasn’t been to the gym since before Christmas.) Specter has now agreed to get the records.