PREVIEW: ThinkProgress’ State of the Union Extravaganza

ThinkProgress launched last year on February 2 with real-time rapid response to the State of the Union address.

Next week, we’ll mark our first full year on the Internets with several events around this year’s State of the Union. Here’s the schedule — hope you’ll tune in:

1) Monday morning — SOTU Prebuttal: The Progress Report — our daily e-newsletter — will feature a special State of the Union prebuttal edition. We’ll tell you what Bush is going to say, and what you need to know. (Not a subscriber? Enter your email address at the top of the screen.)

2) Tuesday, 8 PM ET — Live Pre-SOTU Webcast: We’re teaming up with Air America’s Majority Report for a panel previewing Bush’s speech. You can listen in on Air America, or watch the video webcast live on ThinkProgress.

Hosted by:
Sam Seder, Air America

Duncan Black (Atrios), Eschaton
Chris Bowers, MyDD.com
Anna Greenberg, V.P., Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research
John Halpin, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress
Matthew Kerbel, Editor, Get This Party Started
Judd Legum, Editor, ThinkProgress
John Podesta, President and CEO, Center for American Progress
Amy Sullivan, Editor, The Washington Monthly

3) Tuesday, 9 PM ET — SOTU Live-Blogging: Check ThinkProgress for real-time research-intensive rapid response to the State of the Union address.

4) Tuesday, 10 PM ET — ThinkProgress Radio: A live two-hour SOTU wrap-up featuring Judd, Faiz, and Nico from ThinkProgress, broadcast nationally on Sirius satellite radio and on several terrestrial stations (we’ll have a full list on Tuesday).