Bush: Heather Wilson ‘Puts Our Country First,’ Understands ‘What It Stands For’

Karl Rove’s effort to use President Bush’s warrantless domestic surveillance program as a partisan wedge issue is failing badly.

Yesterday, Rep. Heather Wilson (R-NM) spoke out:

A House Republican whose subcommittee oversees the National Security Agency broke ranks with the White House on Tuesday and called for a full Congressional inquiry into the Bush administration’s domestic eavesdropping program.

The lawmaker, Representative Heather A. Wilson of New Mexico, chairwoman of the House Intelligence Subcommittee on Technical and Tactical Intelligence, said in an interview that she had “serious concerns” about the surveillance program.

What does President Bush think about Heather Wilson:

You know, in Washington there’s a lot of — there can be a lot of noise, a lot of shrill voices, people who are — people up there sometimes are the ones who like to divide people into camps and call names and point fingers. They think that’s effective. And it’s such a wonderful contrast to have the quiet dignity and the competence of Heather Wilson in the United States Congress. It is so good and refreshing, and good for our democracy, and good for our country, that people like Heather are willing to serve.

The thing I appreciate, Heather, is she is there for the right reason: to serve the people, to represent the people of New Mexico…I’m proud of the fact that Heather puts our country first, that she understands the importance of our nation and what it stands for.

Karl Rove is a genius.