Fox News: Whittington ‘Doing Just Fine,’ But ‘How Is VP Cheney Feeling?’

Vice President Cheney will make his first public statements on the hunting accident during an interview with Brit Hume later today. Last night, we received a preview of the hard-hitting questions Cheney is likely to face. FOX News anchor Neil Cavuto and his guest, former Cheney staffer Ron Christie, criticized the media for focusing too much on Whittington’s condition and not enough on how Cheney is feeling.

Watch it:

    CAVUTO: This is a Fox News alert. The lawyer accidentally hit by Vice President Dick Cheney suffering a mild heart attack this morning. Doctors say he’s doing just fine and could be released in a week. Meanwhile, the White House press corps again beating a dead horse as it tries to find out why they were not told right away about the Vice President’s hunting accident. Not one person bothering to ask, in the meantime, how Dick Cheney’s feeling about all this. After all, he’s a human being and injuring someone else in an accident can take a huge toll. With us now someone who knows the Vice President pretty well. Ron Christie is a former Cheney advisor and author of Black in the White House. Good to have you back my friend.

    Vice President Cheney remains in our thoughts and prayers.

    Transcript continues below:

    CHRISTIE: Hey Neil. Good to see you again buddy.

    CAVUTO: You know Dick Cheney pretty well. What’s going through his mind?

    CHRISTIE: Dick Cheney is a very nice man, a very warm individual. From the opportunity, and as I talk about it in my book Neil, the opportunity to work on his staff you get to work with him very closely and get to see what sort of person he is. He’s a very caring person. Obviously one of his friends was involved in a rather unfortunate accident this past weekend. I’m quite certain that the vice president is very concerned and you have seen the statement that was released earlier today that the vice president continues to call his friend and to check up on his condition and right after the accident the vice president went to the hospital. It’s a very warm, very caring guy. He’s doing exactly what I would expect he would be doing.

    CAVUTO: Do you think he should be talking more about this? Should he have come out himself and said something?

    CHRISTIE: No, I don’t. Why? I mean, his office has already released a statement. The vice president had the opportunity to speak with the owner of the ranch. The sheriff was on site who was also there to make sure that nothing improper had happened, which, of course, it didn’t. The vice president is a very forth coming guy but this was a private accident. This was a private event. I think there is a tempest and a teapot going on in Washington right now.

    CAVUTO: I know you have written about his own experience having dealt with physical illness, having had heart attacks, that sort of thing. That kind of thing certainly humbles you. Did those experiences humble him?

    CHRISTIE: I think so. You are looking at a man who experienced a number of heart ailments over the years. I think it makes you recognize your own mortality but, again, Dick Cheney is a very nice guy, Neil. You have had the opportunity to visit with him and my having worked with him and I discussed it in Black in the White House. Very down to earth man, very personable person, and not the person who’s often demonized in the media.