ThinkFast: February 23, 2006

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Bush administration officials say the Medicare prescription drug bill has been a wild success, claiming over 25 million people have enrolled. Actually, the number is closer to five million.

Clean government group CREW has filed an ethics complaint against Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) after reports showing that a private Philadelphia bank that has contributed to Santorum’s campaigns violated its own policies to approve a $500,000 home mortgage for Santorum.

South Dakota’s senate has passed a bill banning virtually all abortions, becoming the “first state in 14 years to start a direct legal attack on Roe v. Wade.” State Sen. Tom Dempster (R): “This bill ends up being cold, indifferent and as hostile as any great prairie blizzard that this state has ever seen.”

The White House will release their Katrina “lessons learned” report today. The report will be “less scathing” than the House report that found “earlier involvement by President Bush could have spurred a faster response.”

Mr. Musharraf’s Other War: Pakistan is using U.S. weaponry to violently suppress an ethnic minority separatist movement in the country’s largest province. “That’s no way to win the hearts and minds of anyone.”

60 Minutes rejects right-wing call for “balance” on global warming story. “There is virtually no disagreement in the scientific community any longer about global warming,” correspondent Scott Pelley said.

Sen. Elizabeth Dole writes that she is “deeply concerned” about Dubai Ports World managing the operations at six U.S. ports. Meanwhile, her husband, former Majority Leader Bob Dole has been hired by Dubai Ports World to shepherd the deal through.

25 million: Number of people provided food by America’s Second Harvest — the largest charitable food distribution network — an 8 percent increase since 2001. (Learn what you can do to help.)

Lawmakers have introduced legislation to repeal a law that gives pharmaceutical companies immunity against lawsuits in a public health or bioterror emergency. Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) writes that the law allows drug companies to “escape responsibility for gross negligence or even criminal acts”

Japan has banned the sale of used electronics.

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