John Hinderaker Politely Responds

John Hinderaker of Powerline has responded to my post last night. An excerpt:

One of the dimmest of the dimwitted left-wing web sites has tried to respond to this post… Sadly, I think a great many liberals are this stupid. Worse, I think that many liberals–like the proprietor of the hate site…are so far gone in hatred of President Bush that everything they say and do is said and done in bad faith. Like Jack Murtha, they have lost any ability to distinguish truth from fiction, and any desire to do so.

In my experience, when you respond to criticism with a string of insults it usually means you have a really strong argument.

Yesterday’s post documented five demonstrably false claims made by Hinderaker. He only defends one. Hinderaker concedes that Cheney did say Iraq possessed nuclear weapons but says it was only “a slip of the tongue.” That’s right, it was a just a “slip of the tongue” made on national television four days before the war. Cheney didn’t bother to correct it for six months.

Hinderaker appears to be a lost cause. But please contact other bloggers who are pushing around his misinformation as fact. Point them to our original post and tell them to correct the record for their readers. Contact information below:

Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit): pundit@instapundit.com

Ian Schwartz (Expose the Left): ian@ianschwartz.com

Midwest Jim (Gateway Pundit): midwestjim@charter.net

NOTE: If you hear back from any of these bloggers, let us know.

UPDATE: Riehl World View takes issues with my criticism of Powerline: “Judd at Think Progress is either nuts, dumb, intentionally mis-reporting the facts, or all of the above.”

To their credit, it’s actually a far more substantive rebuttal than Hinderaker. Basically, RWV identifies conflicting (although not necessarily more reliable) data for some of the fact I use to support Murtha’s argument.

If Hinderaker made the argument that there is some data that conflicts with Murtha’s data I wouldn’t have had a problem. But he didn’t do that. Hinderaker said Murtha had “gone around the bend” and “[p]retty much every ‘fact’ that [he] hysterically tossed out is wrong.” That was the problem with Hinderaker’s “argument.”