McCain Talks Tough On Lobbying Reform, Secretly Pumps K-Street For Big Contributions

John McCain presents himself as a reformer, particularly in the area of lobbying reform. From Fox News Sunday, 1/22/06:

[L]obbying is out of control. But the reason why the lobbying is out of control is because of the process, the system that prevails here on Capitol Hill… We need to have the lobbying reform. We need to close those loopholes.

Behind the scenes McCain is slow-rolling real reform and pumping lobbyists on K-Street for big contributions. From The Hill:

Good-government advocacy groups working on lobbying reform say their longtime ally Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has played a smaller leadership role on the issue than they had expected. McCain’s lower-than-hoped-for profile on the sensitive subject coincides with what prominent lobbyists describe as a quiet effort by his political team to court inside-the-Beltway donors… McCain has been reaching out to K Street to strengthen his national fundraising network.

All aboard the Straight-Talk Express!