Rep. Lee Hamilton, Indiana Basketball Hall of Famer, Endorses Graduation Madness

As former co-chair of the 9/11 Commission, Lee Hamilton knows national security. He also knows basketball. In 1952, he “led his team” to the Final Four, and was later inducted into Indiana’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

Today, as the NCAA championship tournament begins, he announced his support for Graduation Madness:

As we tip off March Madness, it is important to remember that we’re rooting not just for our teams, but for the college athletes that make up those teams. We want them to win in the tournament and to continue to provide for this great country long after they leave the court. A college degree is fundamental to achieving that goal, which is why I so strongly support this effort. In fact, it’s madness not to support Graduation Madness.

The thinking behind Graduation Madness is simple: College athletics sponsors like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok make millions of dollars each year by adorning college athletes with their “swooshes” and other brand logos. Now, those corporations have an opportunity to help college athletes in the classroom. Graduation Madness encourages corporate athletics sponsors to start including incentives for academic performance in their sponsorship contracts. It’s an innovative, progressive way to harness market forces to improve the future for our country’s young athletes, the overwhelming majority of whom will go on to careers outside of sports.

Join us today — it’s a fight we can win.