Hadley Rewrites History to Rebut Iraq Civil War Claims

Yesterday on CBS’s Face the Nation, National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley tried to rebut the claim that Iraq is in a civil war. Watch it:


    QUESTION: What we seem to be seeing in Iraq is a civil war. Do you define it that way?

    HADLEY: I think what’s important is rather than talking about semantics, talk about what’s happened. … Iraqi leadership clearly does not want to descend into further violence. The institutions have held together and if you look at the Iraqi people, every time they’ve had a chance to vote they have voted for unity and they have voted for peace.

    But the only evidence Hadley provided — “unity” results of the December elections — is false: Nine out of 10 Iraqis in the Shiite Muslim provinces of the south voted for religious Shiite parties; nine out of 10 Iraqis in central and western Iraq voted for Sunni parties; and nine out of 10 Iraqis in the Kurdish provinces of the north voted for Kurdish candidates. Nationwide, only about nine percent voted for “national unity” tickets.