Imus Exec. Producer: “Taliban Jill” Is “Wearing Terrorist Headgear” And “Carrying Zarqawi’s Baby”

Imus executive producer Bernard McGuirk and sidekick Charles McCord continued their assault on journalist Jill Carroll. Watch it:

    Some lowlights:

    MCCORD: Put on 20 pounds while in captivity, yeah.

    MCGUIRK: And why do we suspect?

    IMUS: Well, why do you suspect?

    MCGUIRK: She’s carrying Zarqawi’s baby. No doubt about it.

    IMUS: Man, you are a such a, you’re a…

    MCGUIRK: Did you hear her comments yesterday? She’s wearing the terrorist headgear. And everything points to that.

    MCGUIRK: She’s Taliban Janie, this girl. Taliban Jill or whatever.

    IMUS: That’s a little strong don’t you think.

    MCGUIRK: I don’t think so. Well except for the fact that she seems overly sympathetic. There’s something wrong. Something stinks.

    The Washington Post reported this morning that the garments Carroll wore in her first interview were “given to her by her captors,” and that she gained weight in captivity because “she never dared turn down their offers of meals or candy for fear of giving offense.”

    The full transcript is posted HERE.