Jonah Goldberg Responds: I’m “Thinking More Clearly” Than Jill Carroll

Jonah Goldberg has responded to my earlier post criticizing his attack on Jill Carroll:

Is it really so crazy to think that someone who hasn’t spent the last 82 days in captivity by Islamic kidnappers might be thinking more clearly than someone who has? Is it so absurd to think that maybe someone who had their senses about them and their moral center in good order, would be less thankful about her treatment and more upset that the translator she asked to come with her was murdered while working for her? I understand that the logic of the left cannot escape the orbit of “you wouldn’t understand” identity politics. But come on. Does anyone in their right mind think that Think Progress would be rallying to this woman’s side if she emerged from her captivity saying George W. Bush was right and the people who kidnapped her were terrorist animals? Please. They’d be prattling on about how she lost her mind.

A couple of thoughts:

1. The issue of how Carroll was treated is not something you can “understand” or “not understand.” It’s a factual issue and Jill Carroll is the only one who know the facts. Jonah Goldberg does not know the facts and even his razor sharp mind (absent mental telepathy) isn’t going to figure them out.

2. Goldberg has ratcheted up his attacks on Carroll. This morning he was “starting to bug her.” Now she isn’t thinking clearly and has lost her “moral center.”

3. No matter what Jill Carroll or anyone else says we would not make a medical diagnoses without any expertise or facts. That seems to be a specialty of the right.

Mr. Goldberg could put this whole episode behind him with a simple apology to Jill Carroll and her family.