Gen. Zinni: ‘American Media is Being Made a Scapegoat’ For Iraq Failures

Fox News and others have relentlessly pushed the line that the media is too negative in its reporting on Iraq. Former CENTCOM commander Gen. Anthony Zinni was asked about this critique this morning on Meet the Press.

Full transcript:

RUSSERT: Do you believe the American media is distorting the news from Iraq or presenting an accurate picture?

ZINNI: Well, I think the American media is being made a scapegoat for what’s going on out there. At last count, I think something like 80 journalists have been killed in Iraq. It’s hard to get outside the Green Zone and not risk your life or risk kidnapping at a minimum to get the story. And it’s hard to blame the media for no good stories when the security situation is such that they can’t even go out and get the good stories without risking their lives. And you have to remember that it’s hard to dwell on the good things when the bad things are so overwhelmingly traumatic and catastrophic. So I think that’s an unfair blame that’s put on the media. I think that there probably are good things at the lower level, but are they balanced out by the bad things that are happening? All the good things happening out there will mean nothing if this unity government doesn’t come together.