U.S. Aid in Iraq Now Equal to Assistance in Germany After World War II

A new report by the Congressional Research Service finds that the United States has spent as much on foreign assistance in Iraq during the last three years as it did during the entire seven-year reconstruction effort in Germany following World War II.

The report, obtained by the Federation of American Scientists, shows that the U.S. appropriated $28.9 billion in assistance to Iraq from FY03 to FY06. In comparison:

U.S. assistance to Germany totaled some $4.3 billion ($29.3 billion in 2005 dollars) for the years of direct military government (May 1945-May 1949) and the overlapping Marshall Plan years (1948/1949-1952).

Total U.S. assistance to Japan for the years of the occupation, from 1946-1952 was roughly $2.2 billion ($15.2 billion in 2005 dollars), of which almost $1.7 billion was grants and $504 million was loans.

Here is the data is chart form:

For all that money, reconstruction in Iraq has been a spectacular failure.