ThinkFast: April 13, 2006

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says that refusing to recuse himself from a case involving his hunting buddy Dick Cheney was the “proudest thing I have done on the bench,” and told his critics to “get a life.”

54 percent of the American public do not trust President Bush to “make the right decision about whether we should go to war with Iran,” according to a new LA Times/Bloomberg poll.

Field & Stream magazine op-ed says Bush policies are bad for hunters and anglers. “With deep ties to the oil and gas industry, Bush and Cheney have unleashed a national energy plan that has begun to destroy hunting and fishing on millions of federal acres throughout the West, setting back effective wildlife management for decades to come.”

The latest escalation in the pharmacy wars: Pharmacists are refusing to fill prescriptions for vitamins and antibiotics simply because they come from a women’s health clinic that performs abortions.

In Nov. 2005, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice promoted the concept of Provisional Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) to rebuild local and provisional governments in Iraq. Sixteen PRTs were to be formed by summer 2006, but so far only 12 applicants have been received for 35 positions. Of those 12 people, only one is considered qualified.

$250 Billion: The amount the federal government spent in March, setting an “all-time high for a single month.” The deficit for the month was $85.5 billion, “a record imbalance for March.”

Former FEMA chief Michael Brown said yesterday that “he will not serve as a paid consultant to St. Bernard Parish, a New Orleans suburb hit hard by Hurricane Katrina.”

Staff Sgt. Daniel Brown, a Marine reservist coming home after serving more than eight months in Iraq, “couldn’t board a plane to Minneapolis because his name appeared on a watch list as a possible terrorist.” “A guy goes over and serves his country fighting for eight or nine months, and then we come home and put up with this?” he asked.

37: The percentage of Americans who believe President Bush when he says “we’re making progress” in Iraq, according to a new Bloomberg poll.

And finally, a Utah school did a heckuva job booking a celebrity speaker. The DaVinci Academy thought they had booked “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart to appear at their annual gala. They actually invited Jon A. Stewart, a “former motivational speaker” and “part-time professional wrestler from Chicago.” One school official “hopes people still will attend the event, but notices will be sent to patrons about the change.”

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