Tony Snow Attributes High Gas Prices To “People Complaining About Donald Rumsfeld”

Fox News Anchor Tony Snow is being considered as a replacement for White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan. Looks like he would fit right in. Last night on The O’Reilly Factor, Snow said that “people complaining about Donald Rumsfeld” were partially to blame for high gas prices. Watch it:


O’REILLY: Prices have doubled in the USA and continue to go up. What say you sir?

SNOW: Well, this is where you get to call me a pinhead again, Bill. You’re absolutely right, supplies are high. But a couple of different things going on.

Different types of oil that are in supply. Oil refining costs have gone up a little bit. But let’s be real about this: 60 percent of the price of a gallon of gasoline right now is crude oil prices. Crude oil over $70 a gallon right now. That gets written into the price. Why is that per gallon crude oil price so high? Because people are jittery.

You’ve got a guy in Iran saying we’re going to build a nuclear weapon. You’ve got people complaining about Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon. There are jitters about the stability of the Middle East. Those subside and a number of people say this, analysts in the industry, the price goes down again