Coming June 6: A Chance For Dick Cheney To Speak Clearly on Gay Marriage

Today on Good Morning America, Mary Cheney praised her father for his stance on the Federal Marriage Amendment, banning gay marriage:

“My father has made it very clear. “¦ That freedom means freedom for everyone,” Mary Cheney said. “He’s stated “¦ his opposition to the Federal Marriage Amendment, which I think is a very big deal.”

Ms. Cheney is right, her father did state his personal opposition to the Federal Marriage Amendment, which was commendable. The big problem was that he also supported President Bush, who argued strongly in favor of the amendment. From the October 2004 Vice-Presidential debate:

CHENEY: Gwen, you’re right, four years ago in this debate, the subject came up. And I said then and I believe today that freedom does mean freedom for everybody. People ought to be free to choose any arrangement they want. It’s really no one else’s business…

Traditionally, that’s been an issue for the states. States have regulated marriage, if you will. That would be my preference.

In effect, what’s happened is that in recent months, especially in Massachusetts, but also in California, but in Massachusetts we had the Massachusetts Supreme Court direct the state of — the legislature of Massachusetts to modify their constitution to allow gay marriage.

And the fact is that the president felt that it was important to make it clear that that’s the wrong way to go, as far as he’s concerned.

Now, he sets the policy for this administration, and I support the president.

It’s not too late for Cheney. The Senate is expected to vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment on June 6. If Cheney truly believes that “freedom means freedom for everyone” he should speak out in opposition to the amendment.