BREAKING: Jackson ‘Deeply Regrets’ His ‘Anecdotal Remarks’; Inspector General Opens Review

On April 28, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson told a real estate group that he had canceled a government contract because the contractor criticized President Bush. (If true, Jackson’s conduct appears to violate federal law.)

ThinkProgress has learned that HUD Inspector General Kenneth M. Donohue, Sr. has launched a review of Jackson’s conduct.

We have also obtained a statement issued by Jackson a short while ago:

I deeply regret the anecdotal remarks I made at a recent Texas small business forum and would like to reassure the public that all HUD contracts are awarded solely on a stringent merit-based process. During my tenure, no contract has ever been awarded, rejected, or rescinded due to the personal or political beliefs of the recipient.

Jackson now says his remarks were “anecdotal.” This seems to be in conflict with the latest statement from his spokeswoman, Dustee Taylor, who said Jackson told “a made up story.”

UPDATE: GovExec.com has more on the story.