Drudge Falsely Smears Gore

Matt Drudge is looking for any excuse to smear Al Gore and his new movie, An Inconvenient Truth. He’s been running this story, unsourced, all day:

ThinkProgress contacted Gore’s representatives, who unequivocally confirmed that Al Gore and his associates walked from the Majestic Hotel to the screening at Cannes. Further, Paramount has committed to making the entire tour promoting the film carbon neutral.

UPDATE: At 3:38 PM EST on May 22, about an hour after this post, Drudge yanked the smear on Gore from his site. The report that was removed contained no links or attribution to any source.

UPDATE II: Reuters reports that Gore was seen using a car at another time during the Cannes film festival. This story was first linked by Drudge on May 25. It does not substantiate Drudge’s original, May 22, report. In fact, it specifically says Gore and his associates walked to the screening.

UPDATE III: Click HERE for ThinkProgress’ complete coverage of Al Gore and An Inconvenient Truth.