Bush Environmental Adviser: Gore’s Film Gives The ‘Same Advice I’ve Been Giving For Years’

When asked on Monday whether he would watch Al Gore’s new movie on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, President Bush said, “Doubt it.”

At a speech at the American Enterprise Institute on Monday, the White House Council on Environmental Quality Chairman Jim Connaughton distanced himself from his boss and advised the audience to go watch Gore’s film. According to E&E News (sub. req’d):

Connaughton also surprised some by praising Gore’s new film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” as well as the recent Advertising Council campaign sponsored by Environmental Defense and the Robertson Foundation. In both cases, Connaughton said the messages presented on both campaigns’ Web sites mirror the Bush administration’s themes of better consumer practices and development of new technologies.

“I encourage you to go to them,” Connaughton said. “They’re giving the same advice I’ve been giving for years.”

Gore’s advice in the film, which opens today in NYC and LA, is simple: “that the world is facing catastrophic climate change because of the negligence of mankind.” Politicians – including Bush – have failed to acknowledge the “inconvenient truth” that human activity is contributing to global warming.

If this is the “same advice” that the President is receiving from his senior environmental adviser, then why is Bush now arguing that we should “set aside” the scientific evidence?