Bartlett Falsely Claims Bush Supports Full Investigation of ‘Any Allegation of Public Corruption’

    Dan Bartlett, senior counselor to President Bush, appeared on CNN this evening and was asked where the President stood with regards to the FBI raid on Rep. William Jefferson’s office. Bartlett said it was important to pursue the investigation to wherever it may lead:

    BARTLETT: The good thing is that all parties recognize it’s critically important that this investigation continue; that anytime that there’s any allegation of public corruption of a public official or a congressman, that we do everything we can to fully investigate this.

    A very sound principle — one that unfortunately does not apply to President Bush. Here’s Bartlett on CNN, 1/29/06:

    BLITZER: What’s wrong with the White House releasing the photographs of the president with Jack Abramoff?

    BARTLETT: Because they’re not relevant to the investigation. And one thing that the president argued this past week is that there is an important investigation. Here is a man who has admitted guilt to some egregious conduct and behavior in the course of several years. It’s important that the prosecutors get to the bottom of that case and follow that case wherever it may take them. But the fact that the president has taken a picture or two or five or however many it may be at fundraisers or other events is not related to the investigation.

    Remember, as the “decider,” Bush gets to decide what’s relevant to the investigation.