ThinkFast PM: June 5, 2006

It’s official. White House domestic policy advisor Karl Zinsmeister, appointed just days ago, admits he isn’t the “founder” of the American Enterprise magazine. The claim was made in his official White House announcement and his AEI bio. Actually, he started working for the magazine four years after it was founded by AEI senior fellow Karlyn Bowman.

Wal-Mart fights health care bill with a fake news release, warning people that increased health insurance will create higher gas prices and air fares.

Today, David Safavian admitted he was unqualified to be the General Services Administration’s chief of staff. “Did you think you were qualified for the job?” the federal prosecutor asked him. “Probably not, actually,” Safavian said.

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity may soon be removed from Armed Forces Radio. “In a highly unexpected development,” a radio consulting firm hired by the military has strongly recommended dumping all political talk shows from stations that reach the vast majority of troops and others residing overseas.

“The U.S. Armed Forces disposed of chemical weapons in the ocean from World War I through 1970,” the Congressional Research Service notes in a “valuable new report” made public by Secrecy News. A 2001 U.S. Army report found that “past disposal of chemical weapons in the ocean had been more common and widespread geographically than previously acknowledged.”

And finally: Love vintage cameras? And squirrels? At long last, a website brings them both together.

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