Limbaugh: Liberals Are ‘Ecstatic’ About Haditha, Planning ‘Gang Rape’ of War Supporters

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh asserted that “the American left” and “the drive-by media” is happy about allegations of misconduct against civilians by U.S. troops at Haditha. Moreover, they planned on using Haditha to “gang rape” supporters of the war to undermine U.S. efforts in Iraq:

This Haditha story, this Haditha incident, whatever, this is it folks, this is the final big push on behalf of the Democratic Party, the American left, and the Drive-By Media to destroy our effort to win the war in Iraq. That’s what Haditha represents — and they are going about it gleefully. They are ecstatic about it… Folks, let me just put it in graphic terms. It is going to be a gang rape. There is going to be a gang rape by the Democratic Party, the American left and the Drive-By Media, to finally take us out in the war against Iraq. Make no bones about it.

Actually, taking the allegations seriously is essential to our success in creating a secure and democratic Iraq. The Iraqi people need to know the truth, which is that the alleged conduct is not tolerated in the United States military or in American society. It requires a thorough investigation by the United States government, thorough coverage by the United States media, and appropriate outrage by the American public, left, right, and center.

Anything less does a disservice to all the troops in Iraq who have held themselves to highest ethical standards under extreme pressure.