ThinkFast PM: June 13, 2006

Did Karl Rove make a deal with Fitzgerald “under which he gets a pass from prosecution in exchange for his continuing cooperation in the Plame investigation? Rove spokesman Mark Corallo says no. … ‘There is no deal. Period.‘”

Josh Marshall gives his take on Rove being cleared: “[N]ot only am I happy to take Fitzgerald’s word for it, if this is in fact the case, good for Fitzgerald. A prosecutor’s role is not to punish people for malicious acts. It is to ascertain whether they’ve committed specific criminal acts and determine whether there is sufficient evidence to sustain a charge.”

After a strong response to his post questioning why panels about labor weren’t very popular at YearlyKos, labor blogger Nathan Newman writes an “inspiring” essay, “Why Unions? Labor 101.”

More fallout from Bush’s go-it-alone foreign policy. Kevin Drum cites the latest Pew numbers about how American are viewed around the world. “There’s not much good news here,” he says.

An Ohio bill that would have banned abortion in all cases — including in cases of rape or incest and even if the life of the woman’s life was endangered — is “expected to be placed back in a file cabinet and left to die at the end of the year.”

The Agonist reminds us that a knowledge of history is essential to formulating good foreign policy. “The value it provides is similar to the value stock charts and earnings histories provide investors and how a person’s family medical history informs her doctor. … Indeed, history won’t tell you where you are going, but it will help you understand how you got there. … We ignore history too much in this country and we (and others) suffer because of it.”

And finally: Congratulations to Cher, who has graduated from her 4:30am call-ins to CSPAN to an actual guest appearance on Washington Journal.