ThinkFast PM: June 14, 2006

The press may be gushing over the recent “positive developments” for President Bush, but The Carpetbagger Report reminds us what good news really looks like.

More plagiarism by Ann Coulter in her new book, Godless.

Ezra Klein responds to the right wing’s “same old canards about wage increases decimating jobs.” “The minimum wage, of course, doesn’t decide employment on its own,” he writes, and “any attempt to correlate minimum wage increases with joblessness falls on its face.” (He has the graphs to prove it.)

House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) has mixed his private interests with official business. Hastert “has used an Illinois trust to invest in real estate near the proposed route of the Prairie Parkway, a highway project for which he’s secured $207 million in earmarked appropriations.”

At Take Back America 2006, Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) calls for troop withdrawal from Iraq, stresses that wiretapping terrorists must be done within the law, and throws aside the Bush administration’s “war on terror” rhetoric.

And finally: Liberal bloggers start a YearlyKos 2006 group on Flickr, highlighting photos from the week’s conference.

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