Dan Bartlett Stumped When Asked to Name Anyone ‘Calling for the White Flag of Surrender’

The White House strategy on Iraq — to smear critics as favoring “retreat and defeatism” — has provided “a much-needed psychological boost” to conservatives in Congress. At a fundraiser on Monday, President Bush himself got in on the act:

It is important to have members of the United States Congress who will not wave the white flag of surrender in this war on terror.

It apparently doesn’t matter at all to the right that their smears are completely untrue. Yesterday on NBC, Matt Lauer gave Bush councelor Dan Bartlett the opportunity to point out one person “calling for the white flag of surrender.” Bartlett couldn’t do it.

LAUER: The white flag of surrender — that’s a very dramatic and harsh expression to use against the Democrats. Have you heard any Democrats calling for the white flag of surrender?

BARTLETT: Well, I have heard a lot of Democrats call this President a liar, saying we’ve gone into Iraq for the wrong reasons, saying that he’s incomptent. So there is a lot of heated rhetoric in Washington. But what we see in the heart wrenching developments, when we see our 2 soldiers lose their lives in such a horrific way, is that we’re up against a very determined enemy. This is an epic struggle in which we have to be committed to winning.