Coulter Derides Call For New Iraq Strategy, Endorses Lieberman Approach

Right-wing pundit Ann Coulter appeared on Fox News this afternoon to discuss the war in Iraq. Coulter derided the lawmakers who have called for a redeployment strategy from Iraq, questioning whether “FDR [had] to deal with this during World War II.” She argued that the only type of politician she “admires” is someone like Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) because he “does want to defend America and fight the war on terrorism.” Lieberman has argued “our troops must stay” in Iraq. Watch it.

Full transcript:

CAVUTO: Is this an extreme view – that the war is actually going to be a positive issue, I’m paraphrasing here, for Republicans in November.

COULTER: Oh sure, of course — because Democrats can’t be trusted with national security. I mean, we see it in these frivolous proposals to have a timeline, a plan, “what’s the plan?” Can you imagine FDR having to deal with this during World War II? “What’s our schedule? When do we pullout? Can we have a timeline? What’s your plan, what’s your plan, what’s your plan?”

CAVUTO: What did you make of Hillary Clinton saying we can’t have an open-ended policy but by the same token we have to have a sense of closure for this?

COULTER: Umm, yes. There is a clear position. There is something to run on.

CAVUTO: So you would admire more at least the politician that says a timetable to get out than going back and forth?

COULTER: No. I would admire a politician, not as much as basically your run of the mill garden-variety Republican, but as far as Democrats go like Lieberman, who apparently does want to defend America and fight the war on terrorism. He is the one facing a primary fight.

CAVUTO: You know, there is talk about him maybe bolting to a third party. The seeds are there for a third party movement. Do you buy that?

COULTER: I think he should come all the way and become a Republican. He wouldn’t be our best Republican but at left he’d fit in with the party that wants to defend the country.