ThinkFast PM: June 26, 2006

Is CO2 ‘life‘ or a ‘pollutant‘?“: American Progress Director of Environmental Policy Ana Unruh Cohen describes “in a nutshell” what the Supreme Court will decide when it takes up Massachusetts v. EPA.

At a Democratic Policy Committee hearing this afternoon, former Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research Carl Ford said lawmakers share some responsibility for intelligence failures, telling lawmakers “not to accept the crap we give you.”

The Senate Commerce Committee will take up the telecom legislation again tomorrow, and Net Neutrality needs your support. McJoan has details..

Administration plan for withdrawal sound familiar? Needlenose points to similar promises in 2005 and 2004.

The big news from today’s Supreme Court ruling: Unlike Justices Scalia and Thomas, Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito actually “believe that a great many of the country’s campaign contribution laws are constitutional. This is a very big deal and good news for those of us who support such limits.”

And finally: The Washington Times’s new intern blog: “better than watching ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’ before going to Washington.”

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