ThinkFast PM: June 27, 2006

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has promised “to block a congressional pay hike” until the minimum wage is raised.

A new campaign targets Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH) as the “leader of the apologist pack” in Congress trying to rubberstamp the Bush administration’s warrantless spying on Americans.

Conservative pundit/eyedrops spokesman Ben Stein pens a touching ode to Karl Rove, who is “amazingly fit and trim,” “helps wash the dishes,” and even agreed to drive Stein to a bookstore after their dinner. “Now, this is a great man.

Ratings for Fox News — particularly among the most important age demographic — are “dropping precipitously.”

Gristmill gives Rep. Henry Waxman’s Safe Climate Act — the first bill ever to target global warming pollution — a rave review.

Salon’s War Room points to a new Congressional Research Service report on spending in Iraq, and asks, “If we’re making so much progress in Iraq, how come the war keeps getting more expensive?”

And finally: A charming computer simulation of Earth being destroyed by a 100km-wide asteroid.