Chevron-Funded Schwarzenegger Sells Out The Environment

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) repeatedly touts the environment as his top priority — he even changed his official campaign color to green.

Yet Schwarzenegger recently announced his opposition to the Clean Alternative Energy Initiative, a landmark ballot measure that would finance alternative energy research and development by imposing a tax on oil companies. (The initiative is backed by dozens of California green groups, and would boost the state’s economy according to UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy.)

The governor’s opposition might have something to do with the nearly $2 million in campaign contributions from oil companies he’s received since 2002. Chevron gave a total of $600,000 to his campaign and paid for his trip to the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City. Chevron also reportedly enjoyed “considerable influence” over the content of the Governor’s major reform proposals in 2004, which included significant benefits for the oil industry.

And which oil company is the #1 donor to the group opposing the clean energy initiative? Chevron, which has given a whopping $3,740,000, more than three times the amount of the next 14 donors combined.